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Why choose Magnum Opus?

It's in our name! Magnum Opus means great work!

Our licensed, experienced, and trustworthy inspectors specialize in Residential, Commercial, and Mold inspections. Integrity & Commitment are our core values.


We Notice the Little Things

Our attention to detail and professionalism is always applied to our inspections. Magnum Opus inspectors are always on time. Every crack and crevice is examined with the utmost scrutinization. All of our inspectors are experienced, qualified, friendly, and trustworthy.


Be Confident In Your Property Transaction

Magnum Opus inspectors have undergone rigorous training to adhere to official and procedural guidelines.

We are a qualified third-party inspection company that provides impartial & unbiased inspection reports.

Our Services

The Gold Standard in Inspections


Magnum Opus covers - the properties' electrical system, plumbing, roofing, air conditioning, heating, exterior, and general condition. Plus, our services range from Los Angeles County to Orange County. Magnum Opus offers 5-star customer service and experience with every client and all of our reports are computer generated with photographs. Upon completion of this "non-invasive" visual inspection, Magnum Opus provides a detailed report, including pictures of any area(s) that contain defects/deficiencies, and recommendations are made for issues that may require further evaluation by a licensed specialist.

Competitive Pricing


Our prices are always competitive for the quality of report you receive. We feature Pre-selling/buying inspections (recommended if thinking of selling/buying). Also, we offer partial inspections too (if needed major components only). Magnum Opus works with their clients in explaining the inspection and answering any questions regarding their report.

Peace of Mind


Magnum Opus also features Repair Assurance - once the original inspection has been performed and the report is sent to the realtor/client and the repairs have been made. For a small fee, we can come back and inspect the finished repairs to make sure it is satisfactory. Most importantly, a home inspection provides peace of mind for all of our clients in the purchase of not just their house, but their home.

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